How to keep your hardwood floors clean

6 Simple Steps To Keep Your Hardwood FloorsLooking Good:

  1. Take your shoes off!
  2. Next, make sure to get rid of dirt and grime with vacuum or dust mop before you attempt to wash a wood floor.
  3. For occasional deep cleaning (dirt, oil, and grime will build up over time), the best solution for cleaning wood floors is a half cup of white vinegar mixed with one gallon of warm water.
  4. Please do not use wax
  5. Please do not use hard plastic nose attachment for your vacuum.
  6. Please make sure your housekeeper or house cleaners use products that will not temporary clean but later leave you with a destroyed finish floor
  7. New Finish on prefinished hardwood floors
  8. This is how your hardwood floor look like?
    Let us know asap so we can take care of it for you.

Clean with a brand new clear coat satin finish

Hardwood Floors clean with a new finish clear coat